Blending systems

Our customers place high demands on their blending systems. They have to blend gently, be easy to operate and quick to clean. A special flexibility is expected, both from the machine and from us, MBL.  Fast changeover to new recipes or products and high availability are also part of this.
Improve your loading as well as emptying and cleaning times with our solutions.
From the Scale-Up system from the laboratory directly into the production. But not only batch production should be operated but also the desire for small batches must be taken into account. Thus, different container sizes are to be used on one system.

We offer you the right mixer, tailored to your individual requirements and needs.

Blending front with automatic clamping for containers on a swivelling lifting column: mixing and docking to another machine in one step.

Blending Front-End with manual clamping for drums.


Our column blender clamps containers pneumatically and lifts them.  With a three-dimensional rotation we mix in 30°-offset.

Control the blending column via a touch panel and store different recipes.

The integrated PLC ensures a future-proof use and allows later adaptations of the machine to your requirements.

Advantages at a glance:
- homogeneous blending through 30°-offset
- flexible due for variable container sizes
- Drum blending with an adaptor
- SPS with touch panel and recipe management
- Rotation velocity and direction are adjustable
- GMP-conform design
- Safety First: e.g. light barrier/light curtain
- optional ex-protection in accordance to ATEX
- Scale-up, also as a laboratory blender available
- free-standing, wall mounted or with floor/ceiling connection
- Qualification
- with swivel unit for connecting to other machines

Pedestal blender

If containers do not have the right frame for clamping, our pedestal blender is used.
The front end with clamping device encloses the container and clamps it electromechanically.
The locked container is lifted and the blending process starts.

Control the system via the integrated PLC and set the recipe-controlled blending specifications, e.g. rotation speed, direction of rotation and blending duration.

- homogeneous blending pattern due to 30°-offset
- flexible for variable container sizes
- SPS with touch panel and recipe management
- Safety first: e.g. operation from a separate room
- GMP-compliant execution
- optional explosion protection according to ATEX
- Qualification
- different positioning aids for variable container sizes

Scale-Up System

In the batch production area, where large mixtures are produced, we support your product development with our Scale-Up system.

We offer you a laboratory blender with suitable containers in small quantities.
Both the mixer and the containers are 1-to-1 geometrical and functional your production facilities - built only on a laboratory scale. Your product development department can thus develop, blend and test new products on a laboratory scale.
And scale them up for production.

Laboratory Blender

For smallest quantities up to 3.5 l optimized for laboratory use.
Round containers are mixed by means of free-running support rollers and axial rotation.
Simple operation via switch.



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