Stationary lifting systems

To meet the intralogistic requirements in production processes as well as handling tasks while the production itself, we offer a wide range of lifting systems. Easy handling and pharmaceutical design are our distinguishing features.

Our front ends, special designed for each customer requirements, can be combined to stationary and mobile solutions:

•    Transportation
•    Blending
•    Weighing
•    Dispensing
•    Sieving 

If high payloads have to be handled, our stationary lifting systems are used. Detached or with ceiling connection, fixed or with a vertical swivel unit – we provide the best solution for each installation situation. Precise docking at great heights is always possible with our robust construction

All components of our stationary lifting systems are designed for usage in food or pharmaceutical industry. Cleanly processed stainless steel surfaces and splash-proof electronics form a unit easy to clean.

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Weighing, dispensing, sieving, lifting - individual solutions from one provider are our excellence.

Different approach heights, different stems for handling drums, containers of different sizes.

Integrated into plattforms for raw-material handling. Lift bagged goods on pallets to the weighing stations.

Available with a platform or with integrated process equipment
such as screening or weighing systems.

Coordinated columns for bin-to-bin transfer or connection to plant technology, e.g. blister systems and tablet presses.


Reference frontends:

  • Mandrel support for containers of 100 l up to 1600 l 

  • Drum lifter and drum turner for 3 different sizes and diameters

  • Frontend with forks for container of 300 l up to 1800 l

  • Mandrel support for handling of big-bags

  • Platform for the transport of raw materials and persons

  • Platform for batching tanks with function for locking and discharging

  • Bin-to-bin system for product transfer

  • Pre-crusher system for handling of raw materials

  • Frontend with forks with integrated load cells

  • Combination of sieving system and empty conduit with quick-change system



  • according GMP-guidelines

  • freestanding or with ceiling connected

  • precise positioning and docking

  • rotating frontend

  • from 25 kg up to 2000 kg Lasten or more

  • optional swiveling

  • optional Ex-protection