Mobile lifter

If distances have to be achieved or due to local conditions high flexible solutions are required, our mobile lifting systems can be used.

These mobile lifter are very agile and can be easily operated.


A mobile lifter with fork frontend and electrical drive.

Starting with simple, manual operated lifting system for simple transport and handling tasks up to lifting systems with an electrical drive, with complex front ends and telescopable lifting columns, we deliver the best solution for your requirements.

We equip the electrically driven lifters with strong batteries that have a high capacity.

Here we always develop within the framework of the standard-compliant implementation of the guidelines for industrial trucks.

An optionally available telescopepable lifting mast gives you the flexibility you need both to drive through low doors and to precisely place a container at greater heights.

All components of our stationary lifting systems are designed for usage in food or pharmaceutical industry. Cleanly processed stainless steel surfaces and splash proof electronics form a unit easy to clean.


Mobile lifter with mandrel support.

Just like our stationary lifting columns, we offer a whole range of different frontends. This means that drums of different sizes and diameters can be picked up perfectly with our drum gripper.

Of course we also offer the possibility to turn the frontend to empty a drum.

Available frontends:​​​​​​

·         Frontend with fork for containers and pallets

·         Drum gripper (for different diameters)

·         Drum gripper with turning unit

·         Sieving systems

·         Weighing systems (incl. printer) 

Mobile drum gripper with turning function.

Mobile lifter with telescopeable lifting mast and integraged load cells.