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cGMP Washing Systems

The washing system that adapts to your needs.

With a fully automatic washing plant as 1- or 2-chamber system of MBL-Europe, nothing stands in the way of the safety and purity of your products. You can rely on the fact that the highest quality standards are maintained during cleaning.

All components of our washing systems are made of high-quality stainless steel (1.4404/AISI 316L) and guarantee an optimal surface roughness. 

With us, you will not only find a reliable, but above all a flexible partner who will adapt the washing system to your exact requirements. This guarantees an ideal integration into production and processing procedures.

A washing system that is as individual as your requirements.

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Waschanlage installiert in Korea.jpg

The heart of our plant is the 1- or 2-washing chamber system for small as well as large containers, which ensures a reliable interior cleaning, which is completely adapted to the wishes of our customers.

A movable washing lance with 360° rotating nozzle removes even the smallest residues and at the same time enables high efficiency.

We ensure GMP-compliant external cleaning via precisely positioned washing nozzles or our mobile washing frame.

As an option, we also install an active flap system with automatic opening of the container flaps.

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The drying of the containers via supply and exhaust air fans with clean air guarantees highest safety even after the washing process.

An optional separately available drying chamber increases the machine throughput and leads to efficient process optimization.

Washing Racks


In addition to the cleaning of containers in various sizes, we also offer washing racks for the most diverse wash goods.

Designed to achieve the best washing results with optimal loading of the carrier.

For drum carriers as well as for larger and smaller items that need to be cleaned regularly.

Automatic conveyor system

Doppelkammer Waschanlage mit Fördersystem und PufferplätzenAutomatic container buffer spaces allow time-saving processing and can be individually supplemented depending on the available space.

Containers of any size can thus pass through the cleaning process.

User Interface

Our intuitive touch panel as well as the large glass doors of the system make it easy to check the cleaning process. The various recipes offer suitable variations for every degree of soiling and desired process.

Through interfaces to process control systems and a batch report, important key figures can be evaluated.


Of course, all necessary documents are provided.
CE declaration, material certificates, user manual, P&ID are only some of them.


We would be pleased to support you in qualification and validation. As an option, we offer you the preparation of IQ/OQ documents and support you on site during commissioning of the plant


Our service employees are of course available for regular maintenance work. All important components and wearing parts are checked and all work carried out is documented.

Spare Parts

If spare parts are needed, we can provide them as soon as possible. Our colleagues from the service department are also available for the exchange of parts.

Quick Facts

  • Cleaning of IBCs and other containers, handling equipment
  • Design and production of carriers for washing goods according to customer requirements
  • Drying after cleaning
  • Optional water recycling during the cleaning process
  • Stainless steel (1.4404/AISI 316L) for all components in contact with washing water/dry air, Ra < 0.6 µm
  • Easy handling with touch panel and wash program selection
  • Interfaces to process control systems (Profibus, Ethernet, analog interfaces)
  • Documentation
  • Optional IQ/OQ/PQ documents 
  • Optional audit trail
  • Washing and drying chamber in high-gloss finish, optionally available